Last month we launched Yodel, a new way to communicate with friends and family. The app lets you send videos, photos, and gifs to each other, and it records the magical moment when a message is first opened, allowing you to react and respond in realtime. It’s like a live video chat, with the freedom to talk whenever you like. It’s been awesome to see people across the globe use Yodel daily to chat with the people they care about.

yodel me anything

We believe every interaction is better face-to-face, whether its with friends, family, or influencers. And yet, our interactions with influencers are distant and artificial. We hope to change that.

We’re starting with a new take on one of our favorite things: AMAs (Ask Me Anythings). On Yodel, you’ll send videos to celebrities, athletes, and influencers, and instead of a chance at a short, typed response, you’ll be launched into an actual face-to-face conversation where you see their real reaction with every response they send. These answers might even get featured for all to enjoy.

For influencers, Yodel is an awesome way to interact with followers. Since it’s message based, influencers can respond whenever they like throughout their day, while still enjoying the personal connection they’d get from sitting down for a live video chat with each of their followers. Whether its getting feedback on a new song, or answering questions about foreign policy, Yodel enables these conversations in a really unique way.

We’re starting with one of Yodel’s earliest adopters, NBA Star Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors.

When you open Yodel you’ll see Harrison’s name in the featured user section. Tapping there will show you his videos, answers to user questions, and let you start your own conversation with him! We’ll be featuring new answers throughout the week, so be sure to check back and get your friends in on it.

We’ll bring more influencers to the app soon, and you can send any requests or suggestions to us at We’re psyched to get these AMAs started, and we’ll keep working to make Yodel something you can’t wait to open each day.

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