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Yodel is currently in beta mode and only available within Indiana.

About Yodel

Mapping a way for sending and receiving local messages.

Yodel began offering localized messaging in 2023. Our local message service allows sending and receiving messages based on addresses and areas.

Yodel for Senders

It is our goal to provide easy-to-use online tools for senders. The direct mail industry is very large with many options, but most services are not easy to use. In many cases you have to supply or purchase your own mailing list. Some options are very limiting on controlling exactly which addresses you are interested in. And none of them allow the receiver to choose how they wish to receive your message, or to easily reply to you.

Yodel for Receivers

The experience of receiving direct mail is not as pleasant as it should be. The receiver has few options at their disposal to control how they wish to receive messages. Yodel wishes to create more control of your mailbox. Would you rather receive messages via email or text? Would you like to easily reply to the sender? Or would you like to block the sender from messaging you? Yodel provides these tools.